Project planning / Realization

Phase 1: Algae Preselection and Certification

* Site Preselection Program to collect, identify and test the prominent native algae

* Site Certification Program

* Bench marking expected performance of the technology, using laboratory scale


Phase 2: Pilot installation and proof of concept

* The pilot pond is equal to the final production ponds

* The total process is demonstrated in one pond with an approx. surface of 511m² / 1.590m². This is a pond with ø of 25 / 45m and a depth of 0,8 m.

* The second phase contains the pond and all other relevant process equipment such as separators, press and control units.


Phase 3: Implementation of Production facility

Setting up a full scale Production facility, for the industrial production of algae for the electric power plants, or for selling the oil product.