Micro Algae need sunlight, carbon dioxide und some nutrients (waste water) for growth
The efficiency for energy conversion of photo-radiation into biomass is between 20 and 35 %
Algae cultures are possible in salt water and in sweet water
Solar radiation is up to 2500 kWh/a per m²
Photosynthesis of algae is 700 times faster than other conventional plants in agriculture
The algae technology is able to consume high concentrations of CO2 which are emitted from power-, cement- and other chemical plants or from the liquefying process of LNG.
They can be grown all year round, also on lands useless for ordinary crops and they use water which is useless for agriculture purposes or sea water.
Micro Algae may also clean wastewater from drilling wells coming from the gas- and oil industry, produced at the production of gas or oil.